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We will resume in-person worship services on Saturday February 6th and Sunday February 7th. 

We are lucky to be back to in person worshipping.  Unfortunately will need to use the same COVID rules we put in place in July to keep us all safe and healthy during the Covid-19 crisis. Below is what we have put in place until further notice. Please contact the church office with any questions.

1. In order that we do not have more than 50 persons at the Sunday church service (9am), we will again have a Saturday evening service at 5pm. 

a. Throughout ALL services we will maintain at least 6’ physical distancing from anyone that is not our direct family.

b. At both the Saturday night 5pm and Sunday morning 9am services, face masks will be required. If you are attending the Sunday morning service, please put your face mask on before entering the building (and throughout the entire service); this is for everyone except children under 2 years of age.

c. All children must remain with their parents throughout the service whether inside or out. d. Please try to refrain from using the bathrooms if at all possible while we are at the services.

2. We will have hand sanitizer available in strategic spots, but please feel free to bring your own to use as well. We will be sanitizing the church after services, but your help in keeping the church clean and not leaving anything in the pews or on the carpet will be most helpful.

3. We will not be handing out bulletins at either of the services. Inside, at the Sunday 9am service, we have the use of the screens, which gives the order of the service, and we can follow along. 4. We will only have one person singing at this time. No congregational singing.

5. We will have communion on the first and third Sundays only. There will be a table set up at the front of church which will have a new way of taking communion for all. - There will be cups in the round communion tray which contain both the host and the juice for communion. - Each person takes their own as they come in. - We will remain seated for communion. - As we are directed, at the proper time, the first lid is easily peeled our, revealing the host. We will take this together. - Then, as we are directed again, the next lid is peeled off with the juice in it. We will take that together as well. - As you leave the sanctuary, there will be disposal sites for all your trash. Please do your best to not leave any of this behind.

6. Attendance will be taken via a photo, in case a person discovers later in the week that they have been infected, we will have a list of those whom we should contact.

7. As you come into and leave the sanctuary, please do not gather in the narthex, or go to your mailbox. - We need to get to our seats as quickly as possible and leave the sanctuary the same way, in order that we may maintain the 6’ physical distancing. - Ushers will seat you and they will dismiss the rows, beginning with the back rows. - When you wish to have conversation with others, please do this outside, away from the church doors, and keep that all-important 6’ distance between you.

8. The offering plate will be placed immediately inside the door as you enter, if you should have tithes and offerings for the Lord. It will not be brought forward, but they will be prayed over in the service. - The offering will be counted on the second and last Sunday of the month, and will be locked up between those times.

All these changes are necessary for us to take care of each other; we must choose to walk in love one with another. We have been dealing with this worldwide crisis for a long time, and this is yet another hard time – resuming in-person worship that does not look anything like what we are used to. It is another blow. Let us all commit to being patient, humble, empathetic, hopeful, welcoming, and forgivin